Seven Single Women of the Bible By Becky Peyton


Why isn’t there a book on the single women of the Bible? Why are all the books on women of the Bible geared toward wives and mothers? Why are the single ladies left out? It was these questions that led Becky to write this book on a unique topic – the single women of the Bible. From these special women, we learn about the most important relationship of all – not a relationship with a husband or children – but our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. A delightful blend of Biblical fiction, inspiration, and practical Bible teaching, this book presents the same old truths in a new and refreshing way. Join the Queen of Sheba as she travels across the land in pursuit of heavenly Wisdom. Sit with Mary of Bethany at the feet of Jesus and learn of Him. Join Martha in her service to Christ. Lift up your voice with the daughters of Heman in a song of praise to the Lord. If you are going through a time of suffering, reach out and touch the hem of Jesus’ robe and receive His words of comfort. Labor alongside the daughters of Shallum as they build protecting walls around God’s people. From Achsah’s relationship with her father, learn to deepen your own relationship with your Heavenly Father. Allow your heart to be challenged and inspired by these unique single women in the Bible.

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