Weekly Personal Soulwinning

Every week, members sacrifice their time to go out into the community and attempt to spread the encouraging Words of the Gospel!

Contact us if you are intrested in a personal gospel visit.

Church Bus Transportation

For over 50 years our busses have transported childrens, teenagers, and adults alike to our services.

Numerous members volunteer to run these bus routes, and consistently make visits to their riders with the goal to pray with them, and be a blessing.

Bible Distribution

Nothing can make an impact more than the Word of God! Faith Baptist Church continually is giving copies of God's Word to the community, and trying to get the Truth into the hands of people.

World-Wide Missions

"Go ye into all the world..." As comanded in Mark 16:15, we have set out to help those around the world find Christ. Faith Baptist Church gladly helps support over 150 missionaries worldwide, in efforts to reach every soul we can.

Monthly Food Bank

At Faith Baptist Church, we delight in serving our community, and our Food Bank is a shining example of this commitment. Through the efforts of our volunteers and the generosity of our congregation, we provide essential groceries to families facing food insecurity. Join us in this meaningful endeavor as we work together to be a blessing to those in our community.

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