Who we are...

Faith Baptist Church is an Independent, Bible-Believing, Baptist church. We have strived for decades to please the Lord and be a help to our community and the communities that surround it.

Faith Baptist Church it’s a place that cares about people. Adults, teenagers, and children are all important to God, and they are important to us as well. We believe that church is for every member of the family, and we have a place here for everyone.

Faith Baptist Church puts a priority on the Word of God. It is the starting point of every message, every lesson, and every event that we enjoy at our church.

Our history...

Faith Baptist Church had its humble beginnings in the basement of a family’s home in 1968. This five-family congregation has since grown to a miraculous attendance of over 800 on average. God has blessed our church during numerous moves and renovations. Praise the Lord for His hand of blessings on this church for over 50 years!

What to expect...

Bible Preaching

We believe that God’s Word has the answer to all of life’s problems and is the final authority for all matters of faith and practice. The Bible tells us we can know how to get to Heaven and how to live a Biblically prosperous and successful life until we arrive there.

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Weekly Classes

In a day where confusion and instability rains in our country, God gives us guidance continually through the preaching and teaching of the Bible. At Faith Baptist Church, we have spirit-filled teachers prepare and teach every Sunday, sharing God’s instruction on how to please Him in every area and relationship in your life.

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Evangelistic Singing

God deserves our praise. At Faith Baptist Church, we sing the hymns that God’s people have sung for ages and always strive to make sure that He is the focus of our singing, more than anything else.

Fervent Youth Ministries

The future is our young people. At Faith Baptist Church, we are determined to do all we can to help the next generations realize that God is real, He loves us, and He is worthy of being the center of our life.

Nurseries are available for infants and toddlers up to age 3 years old.

Our beliefs and practices...

We believe...

  • The King James Bible is the “final authority for all matters of faith and practice”
  • In the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
  • Once saved, always saved
  • In the autonomony of the local, New Testament church
  • God created the earth in six LITERAL days

We practice...

  • Preaching from the King James Bible!
  • Traditional singing from the hymnbook!
  • Giving with a cheerful heart!
  • Promoting holiness in everyday living!
  • Evangelizing the sinner!
  • Edifying the saved!
  • Exalting the Savior!
  • Starting churches in Illinois!
  • An invitation at the close of every message!
  • Opportunities to serve Jesus Christ!

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